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Springtime at Cherry Pond

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Springtime at Cherry Pond

  • The social distancing has made us take a step back, do new things, and adapt our lifestyles. I had to really pull back on my photography trips and replan my entire spring. My sponaneous side had been eager to get out and I decided to take a one day trip to the White Mountains. I knew I needed to be cautious and respectful wherever I ended up and may have to quarantine myself for two weeks after. I had planned to take a drive to a spot in the morning, then come back to catch the moonrise, but my plans changed when I saw the snow covered Presidentials. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop and take in the view. I decided to stop at Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge to get a clear view of the mountains. I didn't come across many hikers and everyone was very respectful and friendly. BONUS – I also took a timelapse of the clouds rolling over the mountains, which you can view on my Facebook page. © Christie Wrazen 2020, Whitefield NH, Tripod mounted.

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