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Snowy at the Beach

A high quality, full color photo print only OR print in a white mat frame. You choose the size photo print. Example: 8" x 10" photo print will be in an 11" x 14" white mat frame. See additional mat sizes below.

Snowy at the Beach

  • When the snowys migrate down for the winter, it's always an exciting sight. They are here in search of food and a safe place to reside for a few months. My first time out this winter to see them I spent 2.5 hours searching. It was drawing near mid-afternoon and I came across two other photographers that saw this one hiding in the grass. We kept our distance to let it rest. Not too long after, another photographer was walking down the beach from the other side and the owl took off. It flew out over the water then curved back to the beach, landing on a long piece of driftwood. We watched as it stayed on the wood until just after the sun set, then it took off into the distance. I usually only venture out a few times to see them, as they tend to draw the crowds which can stress out the animal. This image was captured at a distance with my 600mm lens. © Christie Wrazen 2021, New England, Hand-held.

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