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Mushrooms at Pond Parish

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Mushrooms at Pond Parish

  • One summer day, a fellow photographer and I set out to explore the Pond Parish Trail in Amherst, NH. It had just rained recently so it was a cooler, damp day. One spot along the trail we came across a big cluster of orange mushrooms on the end of a large log. I hadn't seen mushrooms this big before in nature – I would say it was maybe about the size of a football. There were other smaller orange mushrooms scattered along the same log. The colors and texture were striking! These are sulfur shelf mushrooms. It is said that these mushrooms are edible and they even taste like chicken. Hence the other names it's known for, Chicken Mushroom or Chicken of the Woods. © Christie Wrazen 2012, Amherst NH, Tripod-mounted.

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