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Tricolored Heron, Pose, Bird Photography, Florida

A high quality, full color photo print only OR print in a white mat frame. You choose the size photo print. Example: 8" x 10" photo print will be in an 11" x 14" white mat frame. See additional mat sizes below.

Tricolored Heron at Wakodahatchee

  • The Tricolored Heron mostly ranges along the coasts of the southern part of the US, all of Central America and down into northern South America. It loves areas such as shallow marshes, shorelines, coastal lagoons, mangrove swamps, and open shallow bays. It's plumage changes slightly during breeding season and their beak also turns a bright blue. © Christie Wrazen 2017, Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach FL, Monopod.

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