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Evening Escape

A high quality, full color photo print only OR print in a white mat frame. You choose the size photo print. Example: 8" x 10" photo print will be in an 11" x 14" white mat frame. See additional mat sizes below.

Evening Escape

  • The evening glow of Garwin Falls. For the record, it was really hot and really buggy that evening. And quite a few people had thought the falls would be a great way to cool off that 90 degree day. I creeped around the stream trying to find a good spot to set up and after slipping nearly knee-deep in the water, I finally settled in. I waited patiently for the groups to move out of the frame and as I took a few shots, I was thinking maybe I would have to photoshop them out. But luckily, I had a short window of a few minutes where the group left and the next couple waited patiently for me to finish. Very thankful for that! © Christie Wrazen 2017, Wilton NH, Tripod-mounted.

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