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Choose a high quality, full color photo print only, a print in a white mat frame, or high-quality canvas print. You choose the size photo print. Mat Frame Example: 8" x 10" photo print will be in an 11" x 14" white mat frame.  See additional mat sizes below.


  • The Harvest Moon this year gave us a triple treat. Along with the moon being full it also fell on the eerie Friday the 13th as well as it being a micromoon. This type of moon, a micromoon, is the opposite of a supermoon. It's when the moon falls furthest away from the earth. Here is a scene of the moon glowing over a foggy field. It's positioned in the constellation Aquarius, plus you can also see parts of Pisces just to the left and above the moon, as well as Pegasus, with the big diamond just to the left. © Christie Wrazen 2019, Auburn NH, Tripod mounted.

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